• Name: Giuseppe Alessio Verni

    Position: Dive Officer

    Bio: Giuseppe joined the club in 2013 and is now our esteemed dive officer. He w ...

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  • Name: Bogdan Coca

    Position: Captain

    Bio: As captain Any queries about the club and any issues with the club bogdan ...

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  • Name: Aoife Burke

    Position: Treasurer

    Bio: Aoife is studying Biological Sciences. As treasurer she is responsible for ...

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  • Name: Ger O’Donoghue

    Position: Entertainments Officer/PRO

    Bio: Ger is our Entertainments Officer/PRO. Feel free to contact Ger if you have ...

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  • Name: Jack Kennedy

    Position: Fundraising officer

    Bio: Jack is the fundraising officer for the club so if you have any spare coins ...

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  • Name: Mikey Martin

    Position: Boat officer

    Bio: Mikey isn our resident boat expert. Any queries about the boat then he is t ...

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  • Name: Shane Fleming

    Position: Assistant Equipment officer

    Bio: Shane is our Assistant Equipment officer sharing the responsibility for al ...

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  • Name: Ian Jackson

    Position: Secretary

    Bio: Ian is our secretary and is responsible for taking minutes of meetings and ...

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  • Name: Tadhg Murphy

    Position: Equipment Officer

    Bio: Tadhg is our Equipment Officer responsible for all the clubs gear and main ...

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  • Name: Ryan Fitzgerald

    Position: Training officer

    Bio: Ryan was a crossover from PADI and has been in the club since 2015 and is a ...

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  • Name: Aoife Barry

    Position: OCM

    Bio: Aoife is one of our OCMs, her job is to help the committee in any way she c ...

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  • Name: Ciara McGarrigle

    Position: OCM for the club

    Bio: ...

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  • Name: Daire Rush

    Position: Club Instructor

    Bio: Daire Rush is a club instructor in UCCSAC and has served on the committee a ...

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  • Name: Séamus Ó Buadhacháin

    Position: Instructor

    Bio: Séamus is a CMAS Moniteur * instructor with UCCSAC. He's been diving since ...

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  • Name: John Kinsella

    Position: Instructor

    Bio: Johnny attained his Instructor certification for UCC SAC in 2013 and has ...

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